In the United States, immigration laws can often be complicated to understand. Countless individuals face deportation each year. If you or someone you love is scheduled for removal, it’s important to hire an experienced immigration lawyer in California experienced with deportation appeals. The Monterrosa Firm is bilingual in English and Spanish so you can be confident that your voice will be heard perfectly. Never give up when it comes to deportation appeals as we are experienced with immigration court proceedings. We can help you to build a strong case in your defense and provide you representation in court for you and your family in California.

How a Deportation Attorney Can Help

Ultimately, when you’re threatened with deportation, it can be scary. It’s normal to feel both stressed out and powerless, however, with our legal representation you don’t have to worry any longer. We will demonstrate to the judge the value you have living here and how far you’ve come and how hard you work. We will listen to your story and determine the best defense for you.

Our immigration attorney at The Monterrosa Firm will represent you during removal hearings, which are conducted to determine if someone will be removed from the country. This legal process starts with a document known as a “Notice to Appear” at the immigration court. The notice will tell you specifically where to meet, and the nature of the proceedings, as well as, the charges filed against you.

Hire Legal Representation for Deportation Appeals

We at The Monterrosa Firm can help you with deportation appeals in California. We can appeal and stay a deportation order with ease as we have years of experience helping individuals like you. Call to schedule an important phone call with one of our immigration attorneys today at 310-601-3143.