If you and your partner have a domestic partnership that is registered in California, you will need the assistance of a family lawyer to help dissolve the union. A same-sex marriage dissolution attorney from The Monterrosa Firm has the experience needed to help you throughout this difficult time. We are committed to representing our clients with fairness and are reliable when they need help negotiating the complexities involved in family structures such as yours.

What Can a Same-Sex Marriage Dissolution Attorney in California Do For You?

Our team at The Monterrosa Firm is experienced with all domestic partnership laws in California and can also help divide your assets fairly during dissolution. Depending on the length of your partnership and the property and/or assets you own, your case may be straightforward or fairly complicated. Allow one of our same-sex marriage dissolution attorneys help you get through this legal process smoothly so that you can move forward.

Domestic partnership laws give registered partners most of the same rights of married couples under the law, including the right to end the partnership. The courts are used to decide family, property, and financial matters concerning the partnership itself. With the help of a same-sex marriage dissolution attorney in Southern California, you can be sure that these important same-sex marriage dissolution decisions are in a professional’s hands.

Maintenance is a term used for a payment that one party in a partnership pays the other to provide financial support after the partnership ends. This is similar to alimony, where the court looks for several factors to determine whether or not it is nessesary including:

  • Financial situation of both parties
  • Length of the partnership
  • Standard of living during partnership
  • Age or health of the party that is asking for it

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With the help of one of our professional attorneys, you will have the confidence you need to proceed with these legal processes easily. We understand this time is difficult and we strive to make it go as smoothly as possible. To schedule a consultation with a same-sex marriage dissolution from The Monterrosa Firm today, call 310-601-3143.