Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles, CAM

Nearly 60% of marriages in California will end in divorce, and while it’s not always easy
to end a marriage, it’s always a good idea to have a qualified divorce lawyer on your
side. Divorce can be a very stressful and emotional time, but you can trust a divorce
attorney at the Monterrosa Firm to provide legal representation and guide you through
the steps with compassion and ease. Our divorce lawyer team provides legal
representation throughout the Los Angeles area.

How a Complex Divorce Attorney Can Help with Complex Divorce Cases

Since each family is different, there is great variety in the particulars of divorce cases. In
general, they can be divided into two categories: contested and uncontested. Contested
divorces occur when you or your spouse disagree on one or more important issues
such as the division of assets, real estate, or child custody. A complex divorce attorney
in Southern California can help represent clients in this legal situation to protect their
rights during this difficult and complicated time.

They can help clients with:

  • Child/spousal support: The financial resources of the child and parents as well as
    the standard of living are all evaluated to determine a fair amount to be paid.
  • Child custody: This is decided upon the best interest of all parties that
    encourages frequent and regular contact between each parent and their child or
  • Property division

What an Uncontested Divorce Attorney Can Do for You

Uncontested divorces happen when you and your spouse agree on how to divide or
handle things like money issues, property and parenting. They even can happen when
your spouse may disagree with you on something, but they do not file a response with
the court – in this case, you are likely to receive a “default” judgment. In the state of
California, each requires a specific route towards dissolution. We understand that
divorce law can be complex and nerve-racking, so we are dedicated to helping you
navigate this legal process. We put our skills to use with negotiation, litigation and
reliable legal representation.

How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney in California for You

It’s extremely important to hire a divorce attorney that is skilled and experienced at
keeping his clients’ needs first. Look for one with a proven track record of success in
resolving legal matters for complex divorces and uncontested divorces. Initially, they will
have a phone conversation with you to discuss your case and to answer any questions
you may have about their experience. From that important conversation, they can
decide whether this is a case that they can assist with.

Our firm represents clients in Southern California and in Los Angeles County. If you are
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