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If you and your same-sex partner have a domestic partnership registered with the state of California and need assistance in dissolving your union, a domestic partnership dissolution attorney from Monterrosa Firm can help. We have the experience and compassion to guide you through the legal process and to ensure the most positive outcome possible. We’re dedicated to representing all of our clients with fairness and reliability by helping them negotiate the complexities of their family structures in a way that is sustainable for everyone involved.

What Can a Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorney Do for You?

Our team is familiar with the domestic partnership laws in California and can help you divide your assets fairly in the event of dissolution. Depending on the length of the legal partnership, the assets/property you own, and if you have children will determine whether or not your partnership dissolution is straightforward or complicated. Don’t leave it up to chance – allow a domestic partnership dissolution attorney from Monterrosa Firm to represent you! We can assist you in smoothing out any
disagreements as well as mediating the legal process so that you can move forward towards a better life.

Understanding Same-Sex Marriage Dissolution

Domestic partnership laws have given registered partners most of the rights and  obligations of married couples under the law including the right to end their partnership. The courts are used to decide financial, family, and property matters concerning the partnership. With the help of a domestic partnership dissolution attorney in Southern California, you can rest assured that these important same sex marriage dissolution decisions are in good hands.

Property division is when property that was acquired during the partnership is split between the two partners. Maintenance is a term for a payment that one party pays the other to provide financial support after a domestic partnership ends. Similar to alimony, this isn’t automatically awarded. The court looks into several factors to determine whether it is viable including:

  • Length of the partnership
  • Financial situation of both parties
  • The time it will take for partner to get training/education
  • Standard of living during partnership
  • Age/health of the party asking for it

If the two partners have children, parenting arrangements and child support arrangements must also be made. When it comes to the termination of a partnership, it usually occurs when one partner gives notice to the other, one of the partners dies, one of the partners marries elsewhere, or they no longer share a residence. A family law attorney in California can help you to ensure you’re following the law when it comes to your partnership dissolution.

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