Deportation Attorney in Los Angeles

Here in the United States, immigration laws can be complicated and strict. Hundreds of
thousands of people face deportation each year. If you or someone you love is
scheduled for removal from the country, it’s critical that you hire a qualified immigration
lawyer in California immediately. Our law firm is bilingual and Spanish speaking, so you
can be rest assured your voice will be heard.

Never rely on a sympathetic story to sway the judge, and likewise, don’t give up and
allow yourself to be deported without a fight. While immigration court proceedings are
generally more casual than those in traditional courts, it’s still important to have an
experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process. At Monterrosa Law, we
can help you build a strong case in your defense and provide skilled representation in
court for you or your family members.

How a Deportation Attorney Can Help You

Threats of deportation in Southern California can be incredibly scary, especially when
you’ve worked hard to keep your family together and pursue the opportunities that are
here in the United States. It’s normal to feel stressed and powerless in these situations,
but with our legal help, you can rest well at night knowing that we are working hard to
demonstrate your value here. We will always treat you with respect and listen to your
individual story to determine the best course of action for your defense. We know that
deportation can be devastating, personally and economically, so we go above and
beyond to make you feel heard during the entire process.

What Is Relief from Removal?

Our law team will represent you during removal hearings that are conducted to decide
whether individuals are subject to removal from the country. The process begins with a
document called a Notice to Appear with the immigration court. The notice will tell you to
appear before a judge and it includes the nature of the proceedings, the legal authority
under which the proceedings are brought, the acts that violated the law, the charges
filed against the individual, your ability to be represented by a deportation attorney, and
the consequences for failing to appear at the hearing. We will come up with a defense
strategy to prove that you do not need to be removed from the country and did not
violate any laws.

Hire Legal Representation for Deportation Appeals Today!

Receiving an order of deportation from U.S. immigration officials can be devastating.
However, we can help you with deportation appeals depending on the particular
circumstances on your case. We can challenge, appeal, and stay a deportation order
with ease. When you need help fighting your deportation, reach out to Monterrosa Law
and request your free consultation. During this important phone call, we can learn about
your case and determine whether we feel confident to represent you and to get you the
results you’re looking for. To learn more about our legal services, call 310-601- 3143

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