Many divorces and other partnership dissolutions involve children, and custody battles are very common in these types of cases. Even if you and your spouse want to handle your divorce amicably, emotions can run high when the children become involved. If you anticipate having to negotiate child custody with your spouse and your Beverly Hills divorce lawyer, it’s a good idea to start preparing as soon as you can. The more evidence that you can collect on your behalf, the smoother your proceedings are likely to go.

When divorce or legal separation seems imminent, and you have children with your partner, it is likely that you will have to negotiate, either in or out of court, for time with your kids. Here are some tips for you to being preparing to make your case for child custody.

  1. Get an early start

As soon as you know that divorce is on the horizon, begin gathering your evidence. The parent or guardian with the most amount of positive evidence will set themselves up for better favor, so don’t wait until the last minute to try to compile statements and other information for your case.

  1. Cast the net wide

There is a large variety of information that can be considered in a child custody case, so it pays to be creative here. Collect things like school and work schedules, journals, and records of your child’s activities for things like doctor’s appointments, church involvement, sports, and teacher conferences. Also find credible witnesses who can attest to your good parenting over time.

  1. Try for mediation or negotiation first

Much of the time, child custody lawyers in Beverly Hills can resolve these types of agreements outside of court, saving you time, money, and emotional stress. If you and your partner are amenable, try to settle on child custody arrangements in the office first, and only use court proceedings as a last resort.

  1. Be strong

Sometimes, divorce can be bitter and complicated, and if it appears to be going in this direction, don’t be afraid to stand up and advocate for yourself. Be willing to gather evidence against your spouse if necessary, and keep scrupulous records of your interactions, in case you need them for your child custody battle.

Negotiating custody of children is never easy, but working with a compassionate and sensible attorney can save you a lot of headaches. When you need someone you can trust to handle your child custody case, reach out to us today for your initial consultation.