Couples that are going through a divorce must work together to decide how to divide their property and debts. Under California’s property laws, assets and debts that spouses acquire during a marriage belong equally to both of them, and they must divide them equally while in divorce. Some couples come to an agreement on how to do this, while other need an arbitrator or a judge to make these decisions for them.

The Process of Dividing Property

First, a couple must decide whether the property or debt is martial or separate. Next, they must agree on the value of the property and how to divide it. One of our professional divorce attorneys can help throughout this difficult process. Property that one spouse owned alone before the marriage or received as a gift or through an inheritance during the marriage, is their property alone. California law states that property that spouses acquire before divorce, but after the date of separation, is also separate property. This date of separation can become an issue if just before the divorce one spouse earned a large amount of money or won the lottery. The court then must decide whether it is a joint property or not. They also will assign a monetary value to each property item.

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