In the process of migrating countries, it is important to ensure you have all the legalities in place. The immigration process can be a daunting one, between all the paperwork and interviews, it can be frightening to take on, but with proper guidance and information, it is a process you can complete successfully. When you are applying for the immigration process, it is imperative to think of it almost as if it was job application. You want to impress the interviewer and the person reviewing your application. Knowing exactly what should and should not be on your application will be an entire game changer. In this article, we will discuss the top five mistakes you want to avoid making while applying, and why it’s important to not miss these things while attempting to get through Immigration.

Inconsistent Personal Background: 

When applying for Immigration, most applications will include a section for you to input any history for your travel, employment, and education. It’s imperative that you leave no gaps in your history, even include short vacations and trips in the travel section to ensure total consistency. This is important because as they are considering you for travel, they need to know whom you are and where you come from. With a good, honest personal history, you should be covered here on this portion of the application.

 Language Skills:

While traveling to your planned destination, it’s crucial that you have a skilled understanding of the language spoken. If you are applying for a Visa to an English Speaking country, then having English as a first language is going to be incredibly beneficial. You should always be sure to communicate to your interviewer how you are capable of exceeding their language expectations and requirements, as it states in your application. Demonstration is the easiest way to make a point.

Including Ineligible Dependents: 

In almost every circumstance, the only eligible dependents to be considered for the application are spouses and children. You will want to avoid adding in siblings, parents, or other family members on the form, as this could considerably delay the process.

Inaccurate or Incomplete Employment Letters: 

In most cases, the interviewer will require that you prove your previous or current work history. This means bringing in a letter including position held salary, hours, and a description of the job you perform; as well as the company name, an employer signature, and contact information. Bringing in an incomplete or incorrect letter will slow or halt the process.

Beware of Unauthorized Representation:

When there is so much at stake, it’s not abnormal to seek out consultation, but if possible, find a lawyer or consultant authorized by the government. There are fraudulent firms and individuals who will “guarantee” a Visa, with no authorization to do so. These people should not be trusted. It is important to find proper representation.

When applying for the Immigration Process, be thorough. Be sure to do your research, cross your “t’s” and dot your “I’s” to ensure the best possible outcome with your application. Most importantly, make sure you avoid the top five mistakes on your application and do your best.