It’s been estimated that 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 4 men, will be victims of violence by a domestic partner at some point in their lives. Statistics like these are hard to swallow, but with the help of nonprofit resources, community advocates, and domestic violence lawyers in Beverly Hills, victims are able to get help. If you or someone you love has suffered at the hands of an intimate partner, there are some important steps you can take to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Here are a few tips on what not to do if you are in a violent situation at home:

  1. Make it obvious that you’re seeking help

Too often, when an abuser finds out that their victim has been seeking help from friends, family, shelters, or other organizations, the risk of retaliation increases. If you are exploring resources, try to cover your tracks as much as possible, and don’t make it obvious that you are getting help or planning to leave.

  1. Act violently or threateningly

It may be tempting to lash out against your abuser, but this may have legal consequences. If you want to build a case against your domestic partner, try to keep your actions and words as clean and nonthreatening as possible. Avoid things like theft, financial sabotage, and physical violence.

  1. Try to do it alone

Abusers often try to isolate their victims by cutting them off from their friends, coworkers, and family, but try to stay in contact with your support system as much as possible. Confide in people you trust, talk to a therapist, and alert your friends to your circumstances.

  1. Fail to document the abuse

If your partner hurts you in any way, it’s important to keep evidence of that, in case of legal action. Take photos of any bruises, cuts, and other injuries, along with records of medical care or other expenses that may indicate a violent home situation.

  1. Don’t hire the right attorney

In the face of violence, you may fail to find the right legal representation, which may make it harder for you to get the justice you deserve. Take your time to find the right domestic violence attorney that respects you, and you feel comfortable with.

When you need legal help for violence in your home, reach out to us today. Our consultations are confidential.