To get or reserve immigration status, certain waivers or appeals must be filed with the court. Whether they are overstay waivers, health waivers, green card appeals, or other immigration appeals, these issues should always be handled by a qualified immigration attorney in California. At The Monterrosa Firm, we have years of experience working on legal immigration issues in the United States. We can help guide you throughout the legal process that may arise during their stay. Whether extending your visa or handling an appeal of a court decision, we can make sure that your voice is heard at all times.

Navigating the Complex World of Immigration Court Appeals

The Board of Immigration Appeals can be difficult to deal with, and your immigration process may encounter roadblocks along the way. It’s not advisable for you to handle immigration court appeals on your own, but with a professional who can file complex paperwork and offer legal representation in court. A skilled immigration lawyer can help you to make your case for staying in the country. You are always able to file an appeal or motion. An appeal is a request to a different authority to review your decision. One of our attorneys will know how to appeal and how to complete the complex process. A motion is a request to the office to review your decision. A motion can be filed or reopened if you receive an unfavorable decision on your case.

Hire an Immigration Attorney in Southern California Today

If you or someone you love is facing an unfavorable immigration decision and needs to file an appeal or other immigration-related waiver, contact one of our professional attorneys right away. We at The Monterrosa Firm are always here for you, so don’t wait to request your free consultation with an experienced immigration attorney! Call 310-601-3143 today.