When it comes to family law matters such as spousal support (alimony), a spousal support attorney in Southern California can help. They can help to uphold the law and represent clients when they need legal representation the most. We at The Monterrosa Firm are experienced, have a proven track record of success, and have the skills needed to help ensure our clients’ rights are protected at all times. We work hard to get our clients the results that they want and deserve.

How a Spousal Support Attorney Can Help

Spousal support is awarded during divorce proceedings in California, and is paid by one spouse to another when the receiving spouse has neither sufficient assets nor sufficient income to support themselves. Spousal support awards can vary greatly in amount and length of time for which it is required to be paid. The court takes many things into consideration when deciding upon the amount of alimony to be paid:

  • Age, health, and finances of the spouse
  • The standard of living during marriage
  • The spouses’ earning abilities
  • The length of the marriage or partnership
  • The ability of the payer spouse to support themselves

California has many types of alimony including: temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony (paid until the spouse can support themselves), permanent, reimbursement (which is intended to reimburse the one spouse for the expenses of another for things such as tuition or a training program), and lastly, a lump-sum when it is given in the form of a settlement at one time.

Call a Spousal Support Attorney Today

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