Employees who are fired in violation of their employment contract, for exercising certain legal rights or for discrimination may have a wrongful termination claim. In California, most employees work at will, meaning that they can be fired at any time with or without notice. However, the state has created many illegal reasons for termination. A business lawyer in California from The Monterrosa Firm can research your case and determine whether or not you have a wrongful employment termination claim.

Contract Issues

If you have a contract that promises you continued employment for a specific period of time, or limits your employer’s ability to fire you, your employer must hold up their end of the deal. An employment contract may be formed within an oral agreement or a written one. If your employer has breached a contract of some type, you can sue for benefits, wages, or anything else that you should have received from your employer.


Employers may not make discriminatory job decisions, including firing an employee. These characteristics of discrimination include color, religion, sex, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship, marital status, medical condition, political beliefs, or military/veteran status. If you believe you were fired for any of these reasons, you may have a strong wrongful termination case.

Hire an Employment Lawyer in California

An employer cannot fire an employee for exercising or trying to enforce their employment rights in California. This is known as a retaliation claim. Damages available for these claims will depend on which law you’re exercising your right under. If you feel that you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you should talk to an experienced employment lawyer in California to represent you. Call 310-601-3143 today to learn more.